Hello Tiki The Penguin I have a question for you. What do you think would happen if it rained salt instead of water. Would it have an impact on nature. And what about the salt levels in the ocean? What would happen? I hope you can answer my question, then i would be really happy- Jacob 10 years old from Denmark

Hello Jacob
I wasn't quite sure whether you meant it rained salt water or simply salt grains. Whichever was the case I think it would have a devastating impact on nature – on land anyway. I doubt if anything could survive. In the sea, it's a little different because living things in the sea are accustomed to being in salt water. And it's quite common for the levels of salt to become so high that solid salt crystals form on the sea floor. This happens quite naturally in places which are very hot (like the Persian Gulf) and they are called sabkhas – which is the Arabic word for a salt flat. In fact, you can find thick salt deposits (called "rock salt" whose scientific name is halite) in many parts of the world. Amazingly, around 6 million years ago, the entire Mediterranean Sea dried out, not once but several times leaving thick salt deposits below the present day sea floor. My guess is that many of the living things in the oceans would survive, particularly tiny things like bacteria.