Whale Image: Isaac Kohane You can help in this project to understand whales

Spoon-billed sandpiper. Image: kenSaving Spoonie!

The tiny spoon-billed sandpiper is critically endangered because of what people are doing along its migration route between Russia, via China to Bangladesh. But 500 children from schools along the little birds' flyway got together and did something rather wonderful to help 'spoonie'. Click the bird image to find out more..


Paraguay's famous slum orchestra. Image: US Embassy in Paraguay
The Recycled Orchestra

These amazing kids make music from trash. They live in a slum in Paraguay (South America) next to a huge garbage dump, the source of the trash they use to make musical instruments. As they learn to play their instruments, they join their own orchestra. They are so good that they now give concerts in many different countries. Click here for video So could you make music from trash?