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Want to find out more for yourself about how you can live sustainably without eating the future?

Here are some of my favourite sites. Why not check some of them out?

  • Recycled Art Ideas for Kids Could you make an octopus out of an old sock? Or a mask out of a cereal box?
  • Art from Junk: Recycled Craft Ideas - Natalie (one of my friends) found this website. It gives plenty of neat tips for kids to use to make recycled projects and gifts.
  • Gobar Times - Did you know that there are over 46,000 pieces of plastic litter floating on every square mile of ocean today? I knew there was a lot of junk because I bump into it when I swim, but I'd never counted it. But surely not this much? Yes!... and it gets worse. Take a trip through the trash with Peeco in this comic strip.
  • Greenpeace - Did you know that one quarter of the planet's mammals could become extinct if the ancient forests aren't saved? Around the world there is a problem. Whole forests are being cut down at such a fast rate that there is a danger that our planet could be permanently damaged. Go on, get active! You can help stop this.
  • Kids FACE - That's Kids For A Clean Environment. It's the world's largest youth environmental organization, founded by a 9-year-old from Tennessee (USA) back in 1989
  • Rainforest Action Network - Rainforest Heroes: help save the world's rainforests
  • Recycling toner cartridges - Yes you can recycle those old printer cartridges (USA)
  • Save the Children - This charity listens to and learns from the children it helps and supports. It wants to make a better future for kids everywhere.
  • Tree Musketeers - Kids can rescue Earth, says this California-based group. It's the USA's first youth environmental organization where kids are boss.
  • Waste Watch - Waste less, live more!
  • WWF - Everything that you wanted to know about conservation. Find out about endangered species, tackle environmental issues and come to grips with fundamental principles of evolution. All tailored to meet your educational needs - and that includes homework and projects.
  • Eco Companies Directory - Here's a great source of information on eco-friendly companies and organisations on the Web.

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