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eating the future

eating the planet

Locked into the work treadmill

modern treadmillPrisoners used to know all about treadmills. They were big wheels, like old-fashioned water wheels, powered by the weight of prisoners endlessly walking forward and, of course, getting nowhere. The turning wheel held several prisoners, all treading forward for hours on end. It was used to power other machines.

But really it was a form of punishment.

Some say that kids like you are really just being 'trained' to fit into the new-style treadmill of work. Got to work hard in school and get good grades so you can get a good job so you can buy everything you want... and if you don't get a 'proper' job, you're a 'failure' and your status is low.

what things do I really need?Of course, you need to work to earn money to buy clothes, food and all the other things you want. I guess the question is:
will you work to just get what you need — or what you want?

'Needs' and 'wants' are two very different things. Think about it and then take a peek below.

Me I need... ... but I want
basic food: bread, vegetables, fruit chips, hamburgers, takeaway food, junk/fun food, cookies, chocolate, candies
water soda, fruit juice, coffee, beer, wine, spirits, milk
shirt, pants, socks, shoes, coat fashionwear, designer label shoes and sportswear, trendy stuff to make sure I'm really cool —like all my friends.
mouth and tongue for talking, pen and paper for writing Smartphone (can't do without that these days) and tablet or computer for email, chat, Facebook, Twitter, games and... oh yes!... to access Tiki the Penguin's website.
feet (bike, public transport) 4 cars, 2 SUVs, jet-ski, motorcycle, airplane, submarine, fast launch, ocean-going luxury yacht
hygiene & appearance
toilet paper
water, soap, toothbrush and paste perfumes, toiletries, bubblebath, oceans of hot water for baths and showers, makeup and cleansing creams, fancy hairstyle, hair drier
friends, ideas, ingenuity everything my friends have and more, including the latest TV, DVD, CD player, radio, mp3 player, computer, computer games, video camera, own workout gym, robot to do everything for me, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, windsurfing gear, powered glider, fast car, truck to carry everything everywhere, 3 houses in the country, holidays in Costa Rica and Italy, ocean cruise to South Georgia to meet me... etc. And soon, a tourist trip into space!
modest house with water supply for bathroom and kitchen. Small garden to grow food. grand mansion in select area with heating/air conditioning in every one of its many rooms. House to be near take-aways and fast food outlets 'cos I don't want to bother with cooking. Too busy...
can you think of anything else?
anything else?
no yes, thousands of things. And I want them all. I mean I really do need all these things. Like really. Can't live without them. I must have them ... gimme more, more, more... blah blah blah.

Of course I'm not suggesting that you should never have anything you want and that you only have one pair of shoes and eat potatoes and vegetables and nothing else! That's the sort of thing a few very religious people do by choice and very poor people do because they don't have the choice.

not a thing to wear!My message is that your real needs are few and don't cost much at all.

Your wants are probably many and they,
                   in the end,


               ...cost the Earth.

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