Humans are trashing the planet. It doesn't have to be like that!

humans think in straight linesWhen it comes to using stuff taken from the planet, humans think in straight lines:
Start >> Grab >> Make >> Use >> Trash >> Finish

Grab is mining minerals and fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal), damaging soils (upon which you depend for growing your food, cutting down forests . These are resources. Make is producing stuff for people to buy: industry. Use is what people do with what they buy, like driving. Trash is what happens when the stuff is old, unwanted, broken, burned (as in fuels) or outdated. Result? Fewer resources, growing trash piles and pollution — especially plastic — which now affects the whole planet: seas, rivers, lands, air.

Carbon pollution from the energy sector was 32.1 billion tonnes in 2016

Source: New Scientist, 17 March 2017

Every other system on our planet runs in circles — cycles. There's no such thing as trash; no pollution. There's no start and no finish. Everything is constantly being recycled — naturally. But you humans and your industries don't fit in to the way the planet's systems work. But you are learning and one of the increasing success stories is recycling.

Recycling: beginning to be success

More and more 'trash' gets re-used. Glass bottles, cans, cardboard and paper are the easy things. Less easy (but really important!) is plastic but much of that is, at last, beginning to be recycled. At last, trash is beginning to be seen as a useful resource which can be 'mined' for stuff which can be made into new products: a win-win if ever there was one.