Few people realise the power they have to make companies do what they want. Up till now, it's the companies that have led people (who they call 'consumers') — using the power of advertising — in the directions they wanted. They have been the 'masters' of their consumer 'slaves', who were fed endlessly-repeated advertising to get them to go out and buy what the companies wanted to sell. And it's all been incredibly successful! Consumers buy what they are told to buy, really believing that they want or need whatever it is.

It doesn't have to be like this. Companies (corporations — same thing) exist first and foremost to make money for their shareholders (people who own the companies). If something the company makes sells well, the shareholders make lots of money. If it doesn't sell, the company loses money so it starts making something else instead or goes out of business. Just occasionally, consumers have shown that they have muscle too. They band together to stop buying products from companies which are doing wrongful things. These are called boycotts.