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eating the future

eating the planet

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There are now seven and a half billion people alive on our planet. Every one of those people needs to have clean water, fresh air, food, clothing and a home. Not everyone has all these things but there are some people who are very greedy. They want too much of everything. They want to eat their cake and still have it. You and I know that's not possible.... but the cake they're gobbling is our planet. You might say that these greedy people are EATING our FUTURE... Energy guzzler wants moreThat's your future, your children's future and the future of many other living things — like penguins (ouch!), polar bears or panthers.

meIn this guide, I take you for a look at what's happening now, what might happen in a few years and what you can do to help make things better.

I've also made two quizzes to help show you how you're doing.


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What's in my guide?

How it all began — Why do people need so much stuff? What's money really about?

Greed: how much is enough? — From owning things to wars.

What's the problem? — Trashing the planet.

Locked into the work treadmill — What you need and what you want.

Making you want — Things you never knew you needed and ads.

How to stop future-eating — Cool things you and your friends can do.

Eating the Future links — Want to find out more? These are my best links to other websites.

  • Quiz — Do you know what damages our planet?
  • Quiz — Is your lifestyle planet-friendly? How high do you score?
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