struggling up the ladder of 'success'Running to keep still

One thing to think about is 'competition'. People feel they have to work harder and harder to be sure of keeping their jobs , to make their company 'more competitive'. You hear it all the time, don't you. It's all about winning, cutting corners, making more stuff for less. You don't hear about the losers. For every winner, there has to be losers. It's this fear of becoming a loser that makes many people work almost all the time; 24/7. And this causes 'stress' — a new type of illness which makes some people crack-up completely! Yet some businesses work as co-operatives in which everyone helps each other rather than competes to 'win'. Even very big companies have discovered 'co-opetition' in which they both compete and co-operate with other big companies.

The robots are coming!
This worry is now made worse because robots and automation are replacing more and more jobs, formerly done by people. So more people are chasing fewer jobs

Couldn't humans be more co-operative and kind instead of aggressive and competitive? Slow down and enjoy your life!