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the Earth is choking


mountain of garbagePeople now belong to what they call the 'throwaway society'. Much of what you buy quickly becomes waste - and you just throw it away. This waste means whole armies of trucks collecting and taking it away in all cities everywhere.

Some waste gets recycled (used again), but most ends up in garbage dumps so huge they're like mountains.


To work out how much waste your family makes, click here!

What a waste!

From my viewpoint, people are really wasting their 'waste'.
When it comes to using stuff taken from the planet, humans think in straight lines:

      Start >> Grab >> Make >> Use >> Trash >> Finish

Grab is mining minerals, soils, forests and fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal). These are resources. Mining is taking something out and not replacing it. Make is producing stuff for people to buy: industry. Use is what people do with what they buy, like driving. Trash is what happens when the stuff is old, unwanted, broken, burned (as in fuels and garbage) or outdated.

GMUT for short.


Fewer resources, growing trash piles and pollution on a grand scale affecting the whole planet: seas, rivers, lakes, lands, air.

recycling is naturalEvery other system on our planet runs in circles - cycles. There's no such thing as trash; no pollution. There's no start and no finish. Everything is constantly being recycled - naturally. One creature's waste becomes another's food. Humans and their industries are the odd animals who don't fit in to the way the planet's systems work. But people are learning. More and more stuff now gets recycled. Great!

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