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the Earth is choking

Cigarettes and smoking

If someone in your family smokes, you have a problem.


Because cigarette (and cigar) smoke is one of the most common forms of pollution on the planet. It's one you're bound to have come across even if no one in your family smokes. Smoke from cigarettes harms everyone's health. It even harms people if they don't smoke themselves but breathe other people's smoke. So if someone in your family does smoke, why not see if you can help them to stop?
smoking kills people
smoking makes the air stink
Smoking does no one any good. The best thing is not to start in the first place because smokers find it very hard to give up. They get hooked on stuff in tobacco called nicotine. Nicotine itself is a poison. But the real nasties in tobacco smoke are chemical things called carcinogens. They cause cancer and loads of other diseases which kill millions of people every year, mostly smokers but also people who don't smoke.

Why do people smoke? I don't know; do you? None of my cool penguin friends do. Nor does my friend Jessica, who quit smoking and started a great website called ucanbreathe to help other smokers quit and show how crazy it is to start!

Click here for some scary facts about smoking


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