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the Earth is choking

What is pollution?

Well, what is it? Stinky stuff? Muck? Poison? Yes, all those things... and more. Some is obvious like smoke which you can see but much of it is not obvious at all. Yet you're eating it and drinking it and breathing it most of the time. And what is worse is that all this muck affects all other life on Earth. You can find pollution made by people just about everywhere on the planet. even the icy Arctic is polluted by people Even remote places like the Arctic are badly polluted by nasty chemicals made by people. The polar bears and seals there have poisonous chemicals made by people in their bodies and so do the Inuit people who live with them. These nasty things kill many animals and make others sick -- including penguins in the Antarctic. They also kill people and make them ill too. There's nowhere on the planet left with no pollution; not even the bottom of the sea or high up in the air. This is bad news and I'm very sad about it. the countryside is polluted too
pure mountain air?
excited TikiBut I'm less sad now.


Because I can warn you and because I know you kids can help. It's not your fault. It's grown-up people who made all this mess, often because they didn't even realise what they were doing. Sadly some adults certainly do know, but carry on messing up the planet anyway because they are making lots of money or just don't care. They don't care about the future. And, hey, that's your future!

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