Cars=pollution=climate changeWhy drive when you can walk?! If your family has a car, get them to use it less. Walk to the shops. Walk to school. Walking, running, skipping are all much more fun than sitting in a boring un-cool car. If you need to travel further than you can walk, use a bus, metro or train if you can.

And yes, I do understand that because of the design of so many modern cities all based around cars you simply can't walk to school or anywhere else. Better than a car (Nastya Shershneva)This is sad and has to change. Many European cities, particularly in Holland and Denmark, give priority to bicycles and even stop cars from entering certain parts of cities completely. Now that's a great idea and it should spread.

Unlike penguins, humans are built to walk and run. Sitting in cars is boring. And there's a big bonus if you get plenty of exercise. What's that?

Plenty of exercise helps you grow up strong and healthy. There is a bonus for the planet too: more people walking equals less car use. Less car use equals less pollution and less pollution means less climate change. It's a win win wouldn't you say?