Talk with your friends, your teachers and your Don't worry, you can do lotsparents about what you could do. For a start,Hey, we've got to do something! you could write to or call your country's politicians telling them that you're worried about climate change and why. If enough people make a fuss, they have to do something.

And now, this 'something' is clear because of the 2015 COP 21 Paris Agreement. So do ask what your government is doing to comply with this historic agreement. Nobody wants their country to be 'named and shamed' because they aren't doing what they have agreed to do. And carbon pollution really is an international problem so every one of the world's 195 countries needs to 'pull its weight' and work together with all the others to tackle climate change and its damaging effects. Just think: if you said (in your own words if possible) something like that to your political representative. They wouldn't just be impressed; they'd be gobsmacked!... especially if you were, like, young — say only 11 or 12!! [scroll down for more...]

How do you contact your government?

If you are lucky enough to live in a democratic country, you will have an elected person you can find and talk to. Here are some examples of how to find who your reprentative is: