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What you kids can do

I can keep tabs on what's going onGenetic engineering is a powerful tool. But like all technology , people can choose to use it for good or bad reasons. Used wisely, it could be vital in helping people produce more food without doing so much damage to to the planet's other life. So far, it has mostly been used to make money for companies and farmers without much thought about anything else.

What is technology?
People long ago began to invent tools. Technology is very clever use of all kinds of tools and materials to make things you know about or use every day: from mobile phones to cars; from buildings to rovers on the planet Mars; from weapons of war to vaccines which save millions of lives…

You will, as you grow up to become an adult, be inheriting this world of clever technologies like genetic engineering. To help make sure it is a better world for you, your friends and family, you have to know what's going on. You have to know what the scientists, the companies and governments they work for are doing — and why. If you don't do this, who knows what they might get up to. You have to be always vigilant.

watchful, keeping your eyes open, monitoring

Here's what you can do:

  • Discover as much as you can about GE. Why are some people so against it? Why do others think it's great? What do you think? Should the companies be better regulated and monitored?
  • Find others who feel the same way as you do. There are many groups in many countries all working to wake up other people to the possible risks of GE. You can join and I've listed some on my links page. It's ever more easy to network with Facebook and Twitter!
  • Ask questions. Don't accept answers you don't think are honest. Question where the information comes from. Is it biased? Be sceptical.
  • If you think patenting and ownership of geneyum yum!s is unfair, help campaign for GE to be open source so that everyone can benefit.
  • You can send emails or write letters to your local or national government in your country - that would really surprise them.
  • Call or write to the GE companies. Tell them what you think and why. Are they open about what they are doing? Some of them might be pleased to know you're interested in their work. They all have very good websites. See my links page for some of them
  • Get your mum or dad to help you (and them) find out more. Do they know about GE? What do they think about it?
  • Write to your local newspaper.
  • Join your local radio phone-in or ask questions on a TV chat show (if you can).
  • Talk about GE to your friends or your teachers at school. Get your teachers to run some kind of science project where you all help each other to find out more.
    Ecowarrior Tiki
  • I've written this guide just because I love all life on Earth and I want you and your friends to think for yourselves and help persuade your human companies and industries do things which are useful, sensible and not damaging to the rest of life. It won't be easy, but there's one thing I'm sure of:
    You can do it!

    Click here to go to my links page to find out more about groups concerned about genetic engineering and who are trying to change its direction for the common good of all. I've also added some sites which will tell you GE is a great idea. See what you think.

    Good luck kids. It's your world...!

    Did you find my genetic engineering guide useful? If you did, please tell your friends about it. Thank you!


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