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Who owns life?Tiki looking at DNA molecule

The bottom line

"Once biotech is freed from the grip of large corporations, it will no longer seem alien or controversial." Stewart Brand, Whole Earth Discipline reporting renowned physicist Freeman Dyson's views.

In the longer term, it looks like many types of GE could be useful. Quite apart from food, itDNA, the code for life might mean new ways to cure diseases or to prevent them in the first place. But — and this is a very big BUT indeed! — people need to know what's happening and why. You need to get involved in thinking about whether GE (and other new human technologies) are good or bad... or if bits of them are good and other bits bad and dangerous. You also need to have a choice, to have a say in what is done or not done. You need to have proper labelling on the stuff you eat and drink so you know how it's made. Governments and companies tend to keep rather quiet about GE. After all, people can't object to things they don't know about. Secrecy worries people and as they come to realise just what's been going on, they want more openness. Don't you want to be involved in deciding the future of life on our planet? GE could affect natural life in all kinds of ways nobody yet knows. If companies release lots of GMOs and something goes terribly wrong, who pays for the Tired Tiki the eco-warriordamage? Can the damage be repaired? Please think carefully about
kind of a
you really want.

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