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Tiki with friendicicles - nice and cold in here

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Hi kids. Welcome to my gallery of pictures, poems and other cool stuff by kids like you. Scroll down to find out more about each artist. Then click to see their pictures (slide show) or poems (popup). Or how about finding out how to make a monster? Click here to see how!

Pictures from my friends

Here's a great new picture. It's from Amy, age 5, UK.


Poems written for me by some of my friends

Abhirami is from Madras in India. She has two brothers. Her parents were very poor and her legs were paralysed by polio when she was small.

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Jaya Ram is from a village called Dyanparechaur in Nepal. His parents grow what food they can on a tiny plot of land on a steep mountainside.

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Jean Pool lives in Atico, a village near Arequipa - the famous white city of Peru, South America. He has three brothers and sisters. His family is very poor and they can't even get clean drinking water.

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Jovani also lives in Peru, in a tiny place called Pusoc 5 hours walk from the nearest town, Bambamarca. She's the youngest of 10 children. Her mother is a shepherd.

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Praveen is from India, a village in the state of Maharashtra. Both his parents are labourers who work on the land. But this land is often struck by serious droughts so the people have to leave to look for work.

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Global warming
Global warming is the reason for little snow,
It happens because where all the methane gas goes.
The polar bears in the Arctic don’t know what to think
Because the ice melts in a blink.
Soon the penguins’ winters will be summer
Because the exhaust from our SUV’s and hummers.
It happens because the smoke stacks
Now the ice in Antarctica lacks
I tell you this because the animals need a solution
From this awful pollution

Poem by a "teen concerned about global warming" - November 2007

Wondering what all this stuff about pollution and global warming is about? See my global warming and my pollution guides!



Hopping...... to keep......up!
Poems by Beth and Alyce from Australia.

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Here's a poem by Alyce.

And another by Beth which she sent me back in 2001.


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