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Tiki with friendicicles - nice and cold in here
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Tiki embarrassed by all your kind emails

Lots of my friends - kids and adults - write me cheerful notes and here are the latest!

(from July 2010 to April 2011 starting with the latest)

As you see , I reply to all my friends. You can see most of my replies below each message.

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Dear Tiki the Penguin, I have written to you earlier, and again, I love your web site. I have a question for you. Do you have another web site for me and my friends to enjoy? (If you do not, I do not want to tire you out) Noelle (P.S: I hope you remember me!)

Yes, Noelle, I remember you. You told me you were doing your bit for our planet by recycling and stuff. I have only one website but it is very big! If you read all the pages and looked at all the videos, did all the quizzes and other fun stuff, you would take hundreds of hours! I can’t believe you’ve seen everything!! Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Subject: Your page on tiki.oneworld.org is a big help for us teachers! Hi, I don't mean to be a nuisance, but I wanted to tell you that I've been using your resource page: (http://tiki.oneworld.org/pollution/pollution_links.html) for my students, I hope that's okay! I'm a teacher working on resource pages and your page had a lot of great stuff I could use. Anyway, I also wanted to let you know of an article I have also been referencing in my class: http://www.houseplansandmore.com/a-kids-guide-to-solar-power-in-the-home.html (great resource for kids on solar power efficient homes) that one of my 3rd graders found. I figured you might have a use for it as an additional resource link on your page above. Plus I would love to show her that the page she found is incorporated on your page :) Let me know what you think! Thanks Again! Sincerely, Chelsie

Dear Chelsie Thank you for your email which was helpful, not a nuisance! I'm delighted you've been using my pollution links page. That's what it's for. As for your solar power link, that is now where it should be: on my energy guide links page. I hope your 3rd grader is happy to see it there.

I think you site is AWESOME!!! it has really helped us with our research to do with pollution and other things everyone loves it as it is friendly and colourful we are teenagers but we really enjoyed our little visit on it :) lots of love from Becky, Kimberley and Georgia

Dear Becky, Kimberley and Georgia: Receiving your lovely message really made my day. I’m so pleased you found my pollution guide helpful. Thank you very much for writing to me! (And sorry I took so long to reply.)

Dear Tiki, I love your site and I've already used it once for a project which my teacher was very prod of and I am going to use it again for another project! I love you tiki! O by the way I am susie and I am 10 years old! From susie

Hello Susie: I'm so pleased and happy that you like my website and have found it helpful for your project. I hope you enjoy using it even more for your next project. It was very kind of you to write to me.

Hi Tiki, I love your site. I am learning lots about pollution in school, and your site has helped me understand hard to understand things. You write in an easy to understand way, and I appreciate being able to keep up with my classmates. I love reading your pollution guide. It has everything I need to know. I wanted to tell you I love your site, penguins and you! You rock Tiki!! Thanks for the info .Love, Lauren

I replied to Lauren (see below right) and she then added: Oh my goodness! Thank you so so so so so so so much! I will tell my friends all the info you’ve given me. You are the best penguin on the entire planet! (and the only one I know of that can type) JJYou rock!You rock! Your site has helped me tremendously! You are a roll model to all other penguins. Love, Lauren


Dear Lauren: What a kind message. It made my day! I'm really pleased that you like my site so much and find it useful. I love penguins too but then I would, wouldn't I??!

Hello tiki your website looks very good. And it asks if I want to send you a message so, I think your pictures need to look better!

Dear Ewan: I'm glad you like my website but I am sorry you don't think my pictures are very good. I don't think there's anything I can do about that because it's very expensive to have new pictures made and I don't have any money!

i am on a nature trail and we have been to see the birds AND EVRY THING but what can we do next? love libbie xxx

Dear Libbie: What can you do next after being on the nature trail? Well, here's an idea. Why not surf around my website! It's not like a nature trail, but there's lots for you to see and find out. Thank you very much for writing to me.

Hey tiki how are you?.Do you have a blog? If you have please tell to me okay…… Your, #1 BIGGEST FAN, INAYAH ARBAB TO:TIKI

Hello Biggest Fan! I am well thank you, but I don't have a blog.

hi I want to introduce myself it is not a joke my name is hillary I am9years old my birthday is July 22nd I was born in new yourk city but I live in japan know I go to an english school

Hello Hillary: Thanks for your message. It must be very exciting living in Japan. I expect you speak Japanese even though you go to an English school.

hi every oe i have a football day i am dreesing up as captin carlton.today i will be doing afl skills like kicking.handballing. from hayley

Hello Hayley: I was pleased to have your message about football day and how you were learning skills in your game. Thanks for writing!

Hi, I have started an eco-club with my cousin and I have written an article on global warming. Our eco-club is called Save us! I also have a plan for saving pollenators. Our eco club is wildlife oriented. My cousin was a vegetarian. I?m trying but I really like chicken! Sorry about being rambly, anyway, I have to go. From: Ashley

Dear Ashley: Your eco-club sounds a great idea so I've added it to Tiki's Picks on my home page. I hope your club is a big success! Good luck!

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