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Tiki embarrassed by all your kind emails

Lots of my friends - kids and adults - write me cheerful notes and here are the latest!

(from June 2011 to February 2012 starting with the latest)

As you see , I reply to all my friends. You can see most of my replies below each message.

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Hi tiki thanks for all the great info on your website, from Mark (February 2012)

Hello Mark: I'm very pleased you find my website helpful!

hi: i think that this website is very good. I 100% agree with you. I was thinking the world should try and be like Cuba, once they had no more oil they became sustainable and are much more happier than they were with oil and no sustainability. People should be encouraged to grow they're own organic food. There is hardly any community spirit anymore either which needs to be improved on and the modern human being lives revolve entirely around money and materialism instead of nature and happiness together with they're family and friends. I wish everybody would use energy from the sun and wind which is free and eco friendly rather then using oil, coal and nuclear power which is extremly dangerous for the earth and to humans. I feel ashamed to be living in such a greedy world. Thank you for making such a good and helpful website. I will definelty encourage my friends and family to look at this website. Theresia (January 2012)

Hello: Thank you for your kind remarks about my website. Yes, in many ways Cuba has set a good example to the world, particularly for urban farms. And, yes, I agree with what you say in the rest of your email. It's good to know that there are people like you who see the problems and want to make a difference.

I’ve just come across your website and, although an adult – well in years anyway, I think it’s brilliant. Lynn (January 2012)


Dear Lynn: Thank you for your kind remarks about Tiki's website.

Hello Tiki: I really do love your website! I sent you a email once before but didn’t reply, I’m 10 now so I am hoping maybe you do. I love you tiki and jesus, please put the lord in your website Love jowwy xxxxxxxxxxx PS please reply (January 2012 )


Dear Jowwy: Here I am, replying! I'm very pleased you love my website. Sorry, but my website isn't religious since it's for all kids, whatever their religion or otherwise. Congratulations on being 10!

Hi Tiki: I am so happy that you have this site its the BEST! I've been stuck on some homework and your website has helped me so much! All the other ones were so complicated! Thank you! Cimmie (January 2012)

I replied to Cimmie (see below right) who then added:Do you know how pollution affects people in our local area? Are the solutions the same for around the world? They are all my questions! I replied to her questions, of course, and then Cimmie said 'Thank you so much your the best!' Nice to know that!


Dear Cimmie: I was very happy to have your message. It's very nice to know that my website is helpful to you. Thank you for writing!

Hi, I am working on a science project. Your site has really helped but I need to reference it. I am currently taking chemistry and we are to use APA referencing. I need a name and a date to use in the reference. Can you help me? Alexa (January 2012)

My website is constantly changing. It started about 14 years ago and has got bigger ever since as more material was added. Since I don't know what it is you particularly want to reference, all I can suggest is the usual practice of adding the URLs of the pages you used. I'm very pleased the site has been of help to you!

Love your site and the accessibility for children. I have a site on climate change, ClimateMama, targeted at parents, who want to learn more about climate change. We work to provide resources for parents to use in discussing environmental issues with their kids. Well we can't help financially, we would be happy to list you on our "partner" page, as well as in a blog post, if that helps. Let me know.
Best and thanks for all you do. Harriet (November 2011)

Dear Harriet: I like your site and thank you for your kind offer to list me as a partner and mention me in a blog post. Yes please!

Hello Tiki! I am no kid; I’m a mom of three adorable children and the reason I wrote you is because I am a staunch advocate of loving planet earth more. Recently, we just constructed our dream house. In it I had a rain cistern built to catch abundant rain showers for irrigation use later on. We live in the Philippines; just imagine our rainy season here. Then on our roof I also installed a solar panel and am even planning to add a wind turbine as another source of renewable energy. I just read that planting vegetables on the roof helps cool our entire house and that’s fantastic! I’d add beds of lettuce, tomatoes and other greens and it will be an organic produce. Problem is, here in my country, creation [manufacturing/distribution] of these renewable energy sources is kind of prohibited. Politics!!! So these are imported and only the privileged can buy them. I am at this age when I really dream of producing the gadgets in small scales and lobby for the government. Any entity you can refer to me where I could learn to make it? I call this ‘building wealth while preserving earth’. Yours, Mrs. Renee E. Cope, RN MBA

Hello Renee: You may not be a kid, having three of your own, but I'm sure other real kids will be interested to hear what you are doing and trying to do. It sounds weird that the government won't permit local development of renewables. The best source I could find for the sort of things you're looking for was http://gotwind.org/. It could be a useful start point for you. Meanwhile, congratulations on what you have done and good luck with what you are hoping to do!

Thanks for helping me with my energy project! Your website rules. GO PENGUINS! kelly (October 2011)

Dear Kelly: I'm very pleased to hear that my website has been useful to you for your project. Thank you for writing to tell me!

Hi Tiki: I really want to save this earth from global warming i just hope we can. I will spread this website around. From a green helper (October 2011)

Hello 'green helper': How great to have someone doing their best to spread the word about how the planet is warming. Thank you for writing to tell me and good luck! We'll need it!

Hi Tiki, My name is Lilly. I was just looking on google about penguins and I found your website! It is awesome. I love penguins, they are really cute animals; in face, they're my favorite The fairy penguin is my favorite type of penguin. I am thirteen years old by the way... Well bye! With love, Lilly S. (October 2011)

Hello Lilly: I'm glad you found my website and like it so much. Penguins are my favourite animals too, especially king penguins like me! But I like fairy penguins too - and all the other sorts of penguins that live in the southern oceans. I also like people which is why I run my website.

Thank you for sharing these links to home school parents which is a big help on teaching kids about water conservation and the consequences of not doing so. Such a big help for a busy single dad like me.. I am really pleased about the number of links in addition to the great content available on http://tiki.oneworld.org/pollution/pollution_links.html. I'd usually spend hours online looking for a good resource until I discovered your website. It was a breeze going through your page - you really did a good job here. Now your site is just a click away from my bookmark. (September 2011)


Dear Jacob: I did find your comments and suggestions useful. I have updated Tiki's pollution links page and added your link. Thanks for taking the time to alert me to this. Dead links are always a bit of a nightmare!

Hi, Tiki: I’m from Colombia. I have just found your page. I think it is wonderful . I want to be your friend. I´m eight years old and love Penguin’s. Your page about electricity helped me a lot to learn and do my homework. Thank you very much.
By, Laura (August 2011)

Hello Laura: I'm delighted you want to be my friend and that you love penguins. (So do I!) I'm also very happy that my energy guide (I guess that's what you found) has been helpful to you for your homework.
If you live in Colombia, I imagine your first language is Spanish, or perhaps you are bilingual. Anyway, your English is very good indeed - especially if you're only eight. Thank you for writing to me. It really made my day!

Hello, I'm in year six and at my school I am doing a project on pollution. I found your guide really useful! Thankyou! (August 2011)

Hello to you! I was very excited to have your nice email. It really makes me pleased when someone like you writes to me and tells me they like my guides. By the way, I’ve just made a new Pollution Quiz. You might like to try it out! Thank you for writing to me!

Hi Tiki: I like your website but i dont feel giving you money is safe so i wont sorry if you dont mind. hows the weather where you live
by the way were do you live? My name is Angel.I like your name. i am 7 years old and i am adventures!! ok please reply as soon as u can :0 thanx. byee, From: Angel (July 2011)

Dear Angel: I really don’t expect someone who is 7 to give money to keep my website running. That’s really for grown-ups with their credit cards (which are quite safe to use on this case). Normally, I spend my life at sea in the South Atlantic and Antarctic oceans. But I’m a ‘magic’ penguin because I have to run my website (with some help from humans) and I live in Britain to do this. The weather at sea is often cold and stormy but in Britain, it is quite warm and sunny at the moment. I prefer the cold!

Dear Tiki: Hello, this is Eunjee from Great Ryrie Primary School. How are you? I'm grade 6 and at the moment I'm doing my homework. The homework task is to go into your website and read through it carefully. After that we have to write a review about your website including whether or not your website would be helpful for us when we learn about global warming. I think your website is very well-created. Our topic this year is global warming. We looked at natural disasters. We finished that session on Thursday. I won't be able to know what our next sub-topic will be because I'm going away to Korea on Tuesday to see my grandparents. If I didn't tell you, I'm from Korea. But I'm very good at English. I have a question for you Tiki. I love our nature. Especially animals. My favourite animal is a cheetah because it runs so fast like me and I like its elegant body. What's your favourite animal? I'll make an exception to penguins. I want to be a environmentalist or a vet when I grow up. Is there anything easy that I can possibly do to save our nature and get to know it more without paying? If there is please tell me. I'm very eager to help our nature. Please write back. I'll be expecting a reply from you. Thank you! From a nature lover, Eunjee (July 2011)


Dear Eunjee: It’s a long time since you wrote to me. I haven’t replied sooner because I’ve been away. Sorry! I’m very impressed with your English and very pleased that you are finding my website useful, in particular my global warming guide. I don’t really have a favourite animal. I like penguins (obviously) and I like humans, especially the ones like you who want to help nature. Good for you! A very good (free) starting point for finding out how you can help nature is WWF (http://wwf.panda.org/). Have you tried that? And have you seen my guide to Life in Danger (http://tiki.oneworld.org/biodiversity/home.html)? Thanks for writing to me.

Hello Tiki I am going to make an Eco friendly group to help clean up around the neighborhood. Sincerely, Damari (May 2011)

Hello Damari: That's very good news. I hope your eco group is a big success. Well done

Dear Tiki your website is absolutely brilliant I love it its helped me on energy and pollution and many other things when Im at school we look on your energy page but I always sneak on your pollution page I have looked at every thing on your website iv,e done all your puzzles and cross words you are awesome I cant believe you’re a real penguin I am nine years old how old are you please get back to me love Lauren. (May 2011)

Dear Lauren: I loved your email! Thank you for all the kind things you said about my guides, puzzles and crosswords. It makes it all so worthwhile when kids like you write and tell me all the things they like about my site. Have you tried my quizzes? I’ve just done one on climate change. As for my age, I’m not really sure how old I am. Penguins don’t bother about things like that. Thanks again for writing to me. I’m putting your message on my home page

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