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Tiki's food guide
Tiki's food guide

Food means business

Long ago, all people gathered or grew their own food.growing your own But gradually most people specialisedshopping dulls the mind into other lines of business, exchanging the time they worked for tokens which you call money. With that money, they could buy food. Today in the rich countries, hardly anyone grows their own food any more. Hardly anyone knows how to. So growing and selling food has become a big business.

This involves  several giant corporations which increasingly own all rights to vital seeds and also make the chemicals farmers have to use to make them grow into plants ready to harvest. Fertilisers get made in vast quantities, upsetting natural cycles and using equally vast amounts of fossil fuels.

I'm happy - making money transport means pollution

Machines harvest the food (in most cases) which then has to be stored in silos or refrigerated buildings. Trucks and airplanes then transport the food around the world and it ends up, after processing, on supermarket shelves… where you buy it. This system is very new, it makes lots of money for those who run it and it is very good at producing lots of food. But there are hidden costs … and I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about damage to people’s livelihoods damage to the environment (land, sea, rivers, air, forests) and damage to people’s health.

Let Moophius (a bovine sleuth!) take you and Leo, a rather-simple-minded pig, on an animated tour of industrial farming.

It’s not all gloom though.

Take a look at the video (below) of a farm that produces food in a way that works with nature, not against it. It could be a game-changer!

For the times they are a-changin'. People are beginning to see that money isn’t everything if making it damages the planet so badly that the future is bleak. sustainable farmingSo many farmers are beginning to convert their farms to sustainable farming (which is what they were anyway before industrial farming took over).

Photo: mtarvainen This was the title of one of the best-known songs by one of the best-known folk singers, Bob Dylan. He was right; they are!

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