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Tiki's food guide
Tiki's food guide

Food for you and Food for thought

It’s fun to eat out or grab a takeaway. junk food - who needs it?But it can also be fun to create really good food yourself – or help your family do so. It’s a great way to spend time together. I eat my fish raw but most people like their food cooked and hot. This is why you have a kitchen in your house… so use it! It’s  cheaper and better for your health if you prepare your own fresh food rather than buy everything processed or ready made. Takeaways can be a great treat but not every day.

Here's some things you can do to help you and your family to a healthier and, often, cheaper way of eating:

8 things you can do me in my cook's outfitMore details
Buy locally grown food whenever you can look for local foodCheck for farmers’ markets in your area. Many places in America have CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) schemes you can link up with. Ask your local shops or supermarket to stock locally grown food. They usually try to provide what their customers want. Some farms run a delivery service – vegetable boxes – so you don’t even have to go out. Some mail order companies can supply quality foods (including fresh) which they also deliver. Tips for finding veg box scheme near you
How to find a veg box scheme near you Copy and paste "veg box delivery" followed by the name of your town/city/state/county/country (choose one, for example "Chicago" if you live in that city) into a search engine. It may surprise you just how many schemes there are.
If you can afford it, buy organic organic food cornucopiaBetter for you, your family and the planet. And you don’t have to do without many cans of soft drink or takeaway meals to save quite an amount of money.
If you’re thirsty, try drinking water. drink waterIt’s free – unless you buy the bottled sort - and it’s the healthiest drink there is. If the water out of the tap tastes bad (chlorine or something), you can get simple filters which remove the bad taste. Or just fill a jug with it and leave it for a day (no lid so the chlorine escapes). Then drink it.
Learn to cook:Watching a cook on TV is no substitute for cooking yourself

cooking on TVIf people did as much cooking as there are programmes on TV (and books) telling them how to, they’d never be out of the kitchen! making your own food

Be bold when you cook: try different recipes or even invent some yourself.

When you have plenty of fresh veg, make salads me cookingThese are easy to prepare – especially if you have a food processor with a grater attachment. Salads are very healthy indeed and yummy (so I’m told) with a delicious dressing — which you can also make yourself. You can use lots of root vegetables like squashes, carrots, rutabaga (swede) and so on, to grate into your salads.
Invite your friends to have a meal with you that you’ve made impressive food, CharlieIt will probably be a new experience for all of you and an opportunity for fun!
  Grow your own food here growing my own vegetableEven if you've only got a small space, you can still grow some of your food. What's more, it's fun: sowing your seeds, watching your plants grow as you care for them and, finally, harvesting. You can even grow tomatoes (or other plants like capsicums) by the window in your room... wherever there's good sunshine. Many cities now have local community farms where you can join other people who grow their own. It's cool!
Cut the meat!

By cutting down on meat-eating or — better still — by becoming vegetarian, you will

Help slow global warming

Happy cooking and happy eating! As for me, I'm tired and hungry after all that and I'm off to catch my fish for dinner!

What do you think about food? Have you any good ideas about what we can do to make things better? If you do, please write to me. As long as your message is sensible and friendly, I promise to reply.



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