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Tiki with friendicicles - nice and cold in here

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I've visited Uganda!

training oxen  for ploughing
I've been looking round a wonderful organic farm with farmer Joseph Mugagga near Tororo in Uganda. Here both kids and adults learn how to grow yummy organic food as well as how to work with animals and help each other.

My trip takes just over 9 minutes and uses a plug-in called Realplayer. You should hear Joseph and me talking as well as seeing the pictures we took around his farm. In case you can't always hear the slideshow properly or your internet connection is slow, I've made a special support page. This has all the pictures as well as the words Joseph and I say plus some useful snippets about farms and stuff. Click here to go there now and start the Realplayer show. Have a great trip!

If you'd like to write to Joseph in Uganda, his address is: Joseph Mugagga, Tocida, Romo House, P.O. Box 546, Tororo, Uganda. Remember to mention me so he knows how you found out about him.

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