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Tiki with friendicicles - nice and cold in here

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FINAL GRADE Let's see how you've done

Now for the final adding up. Check your grade in each category. Then add up your points according to the chart below. You can find your average by dividing the total number of points you earned by the number of categories you entered. (Confused? Don't be. Click here for an example of what you should do.) Your final grade is the letter (like C+) corresponding to your average (that would be 5). Click the correct letter to see how I rate you!

Grade Points
A 10
A- 9
B+ 8
B 7
B- 6
C+ 5
C 4
C- 3
D+ 2
D 1
D- 0

Well done!Thanks for using this test. I would love to know how you or the other shoppers in your household scored. Please write and share your results, especially any improvements. Every little change in buying habits adds up!

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