Yikes! This could be me! Aaugh!!

Meats & fish

Click which letter applies to find out your score. I bought the following type of meats/fish:

A. Packaged on a plastic foam tray wrapped in plastic.
B. By the pound at the butcher's or deli counter, wrapped in paper.
C. Canned.
D. In a frozen, prepared meal.
E. By hanging weight: whole, a side, or quarter of the animal.

A. Give yourself a "D". Plastic foam (polystyrene) is harmful to the environment when manufactured and is generally not recyclable. Add a plus if you reuse the trays for craft projects. Go back to top.

B. Give yourself a "B". Paper is more earth-friendly to discard than plastic. Go back to top.

C. Give yourself a "C". Upgrade that to a "B" if tin cans are accepted at your local recycling center. Go back to top.

D. Give yourself a "D" if the meal comes in a microwaveable tray made of plastic or a paper/plastic combination. Give yourself a "C" if it comes on an aluminum tray which can be brought to your local recycling center. Go back to top.

E. Give yourself a "B+" for saving on packaging. Way to go if you eat meat.
I'm not very happy about meat. Note: I don't give "A's" for meat choices because raising animals for food consumes too many of the Earth's natural resources. And as for you people eating turkeys (gulp! sob!)... words fail me!
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