Tiki and I don't think much of you egg-eaters. We lay eggs to make out chicks, not for you to eat! Ah well... humans!


Click which letter applies to find out your score. I brought eggs home in:

A. A plastic foam carton.
B. My own basket from a farm.
C. A paper carton.

A. Give yourself a "D". Plastic foam (polystyrene) is toxic to the environment when made and is generally not recyclable. Add a plus if you use the carton for craft projects. Go back to top.

B. Excellent! Give yourself an "A" and thank the chicken. Go back to top.

C. Give yourself a "B". Waste paper breaks down sooner than plastic. Add a plus if your local recycling center accepts this type of material (often called "light cardboard", "kitchen cardboard", "chip board", or "mixed paper"). Go back to top.