Click which letter applies. The cheese I bought came in:

A. Individually wrapped slices.
B. A block, sold by the pound or kilo (weight).
C. A whole wheel.
D. A plastic container of spread.

A. Give yourself a "D". That's a lot of excess packaging to throw away. Go back to top.

B. Give yourself a "B". One block of cheese uses less wrapping than a bunch of individual slices. Go back to top.

C. Give yourself an "A". The only way to use less packaging is to make your own cheese! Go back to top.

D. Give yourself a "B" if the container is recyclable in your area. If it's not, or if you don't know whether it is, give yourself a "C". You need to check with your local recycling center to see what type of plastics they accept. Go back to top.